Welcome to the 39th District Democrats

The following candidates have been endorsed by Legislative District 39 Democrats for 2018:

Eric Halvorson – State Representative, 39th Legislative District, Position 2 – http://www.ericforthe39th.com/

Ivan Lewis – State Representative, 39th Legislative District, Position 1 – http://electivanlewis.com/

Claus Joens – State Senator, 39th Legislative District – https://joens39.com

Jennifer Rancourt – Snohomish District Court Judge, Cascade Division –  http://electrancourt.com/

Kristen Olbrechts – Snohomish District Court Judge, Cascade Division – https://votejudgeolbrechts.com/

Laura Riquelme – Skagit Superior Court Judge – http://keepjudgelaura.com/

Marilyn Chase – State Senator, 32nd Legislative District – https://www.maralynchase.com/

Rick Larsen – Congressman 2nd Congressional District – https://www.ricklarsen.org/

Suzan Delbene – Congresswoman, 1st Congressional District – https://www.delbeneforcongress.com/

General Meeting Agenda

General Meeting Details

Saturday, June 23rd


Skagit County Dems HQ

300 S 1st Ave Ste A

Mount Vernon WA, 98273


For those that can’t make it in person, we will be attempting a conference call to allow you to listen in. I don’t know how this will go with a larger group but we’ll try it. See the Facebook post for more info on the conf call details.



Meeting Open 10:00-10:15am

  • Call to Order
  • Approve Minutes from April 23rd
  • Establish Quorum
  • Adopt the agenda

General Meeting Business: 10:15-11:30am

  • Garth Fell – Snohomish County Elections Manager: 15min
    • Update on new voting system
    • The 2018 elections
    • Opportunities for observation
    • Renewed focus on outreach
    • Any questions from members
  • Welcome newly elected PCOs: 5min
  • 2nd Vice Chair election: 10min
  • Resolution on Gun Reform: 10min
  • Resolution on Alternatives to Guardianship: 10min
  • Updates from the Exec Board: 15min
    • State Committee Man/Woman – Update from the State Convention | Party Platform
    • Treasurer – Financial Update
    • Fundraising Officer – Fundraising Update
    • Secretary – Technology Update
    • 1st Vice Chair – Membership Update
    • Chair – Update on Glenn Morgan Complaint

Break – 10min

Endorsements 11:40am-12:35pm

Initiative Endorsements 12:35-12:45pm

Open Endorsement Requests 12:35-12:45pm

Good of the Order 12:45-1:00pm


NOTE: There will be a campaign event for Ivan Lewis following the General Meeting. It would be fabulous to have some folks come out and doorbell with our candidates this summer and there’s no time like the present to start!

We hope to see you on the 23rd!

What’s the difference between a resolution and an initiative?

The political process can be confusing. Sometimes there are so many unfamiliar terms that it’s easy to get lost! We’ll take a moment and define some of the terms you may hear and what it means for how you can get involved.

We’ll start with two terms you’ve likely heard recently at the Snohomish County Convention:

  • Resolution – the official expression of the opinion or will of a group
  • Initiative – a proposed law sponsored by people

Let’s go a bit deeper into these…

Resolutions (like the ones voted on at the County Convention) are the opinion and/or will of the Democrats of Snohomish County. They are what we think and, in some cases, what we aspire to. They are not laws or rules.

Those resolutions passed at the County Convention will be submitted to the WA State Democratic Party for them to consider adding them to the WA State Democratic Platform. The Platform is a document that defines what Democrats in WA state believe and aspire to. The Democratic Party Platform planks are not rules or laws either. They could be considered our vision statement.

Any Democrat can create a resolution (for Democrats, there is a specific format that needs to be followed – more on that later…) and then submit it to either their Legislative District or County organization for consideration. Making a motion, in any general meeting, to consider the resolution will put it forward for a vote by the body. Fairly simple and straightforward.

Initiatives, on the other hand, are proposed laws. Things like I-1600 are proposed by citizens or groups of citizens for consideration by the WA State Legislature and/or voters. There is defined process for how to get an Initiative accepted and up for a vote. It mostly boils down to you have to show that there is enough support within WA State (voters) that it is worth spending the time and money to get it on the ballot.

This is why you see people at meetings and grocery stores trying to collect signatures. In WA State, you need roughly 250,000 signatures to get an Initiative approved for consideration. (The precise number of signatures is 8% of votes cast in the last gubernatorial (Governor) election.) More information on Initiatives can be found at https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/initiatives-faq.aspx.

It is possible for Resolutions to be turned into Initiatives. Well written Resolutions can get people’s attention and someone may decide that a particular resolution is worth turning into law. They will rewrite the resolution (because the Initiative format is different) and work to collect signatures. Alternately, they may forward the resolution to a legislator and the legislator’s office may decide to convert the resolution into a bill (that the legislator then sponsors and tries to garner support for from other legislators).

That’s it for the Resolutions and Initiatives… stay tuned for more in May!

Next Up! Washington State Democratic Convention

Now that the Snohomish County Platform Convention has concluded, the next big event is the Washington State Democratic Convention in Wenatchee, Washington on June 15-17th!

Delegates have already been selected for the 39th Legislative District. (Delegates make sure to book your lodging now!)

Non-delegates are welcome to attend and observe.


Catch the Blue Wave!

November will be here before we know it. Find a candidate or issue and get involved today!

Time remaining until 2018 Election:


39th LD Democrats Facebook Feed

PCO’s - You're invited!

Dear fellow Precinct Committee Officers,

You are invited to a meet-and-greet just for fellow PCO's. On 8/19 the 39th legislative district is proud to host a democratic PCO get together at River Meadows Park Arlington, WA in Shelter 2 from 3pm - dusk. It will be potluck style, but we will supply burgers and dogs. The purpose is to get to know each other and get to know the 39th Executive Board.

This will also allow you to get your welcome kits in advance. These kits will include your precinct map, walk list, call list and mail list of all democrats and undecided/no data voters in your precinct. We will also discuss how we can best serve our precincts. Not everyone is comfortable walking their district, but there is always something we are a good fit for to help get Dems elected. Also, know that this is a volunteer org and we understand that people have lives. As such, welcome aboard and know that ANY help will be appreciated. Please respond by Friday the 17th so that we can get required info printed.

Thank you for serving the 39th LD,
Paul Kelly

P.S. if you attend two (2) general meetings you will get access to vote builder and PCO business cards.
-Our next meeting is August 18th, 10am to 1pm at Stillaguamish Conference Room 154 West Cox Street, Arlington.
-The following EBoard meeting is September 22nd from 10am to 12pm at the Arlington Buzz-in 5200,172nd Street Northeast, Arlington

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Very first results for Claus Joens! Go blue wave, GO! ...

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